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Marc Martinez, Growth Optimizer & Developer

I'm an experienced Change Management Professional and self-taught Web Developer with a keen interest in Web Technology, Drupal, Wordpress, Ruby On Rails, and Python. I am passionate about helping others use technology to achieve awesome results.

I have 4 years in the Drupal space, 5 years with WordPress, 10 years in Adult-based Learning Technology, and 20 years in the Lean Six Sigma sector, where I amplified operational and production capabilities for Fortune 500 companies.

My former experience in quality systems deployment and operational leadership gives me a unique perspective in understanding the voice of the customer to deliver exceptional business outcomes.

I served in corporate leadership roles as vice President of Quality and Vice President of Learning and Performance Improvement.

I bring a holistic, analytical approach focused on a lean, agile approach to software development and deployment.

I am also focused on providing security solutions to my clients. This is why I am a firm believer in security protocols that protect your investment.

Discovering solutions to technical problems, and architecting applications that deliver value to the customer inspires me.

If you're a Personal Development Professional and Entrepreneur, helping boost your brand, on line sales, and digital marketing is what I do best.

What Drives Me?

A love for data

I have a passion for tracking and moving a metric. This strong bias towards data drives me yo measure factors that will make or break your business.


While driven by data and moving metrics, I am also creative problem solvers, with a vibrant mental dexterity to think of new ways to acquire and loop in users. I do not stop at data but build into new and unknown frontiers to find growth for ypur business through your website.


I have a fascination at why visitors choose to be users and engage and why some products fall flat on their face. With today’s distracted users, you must habitually explore new ways to push metrics up and to the right results.

Strategic Thinking

A website is absolutley worthless if the content stinks and it fails to convert visitors into customers! I help you collect, organize, create, edit, and publish content. Content that converts visitors into customers.

Optimizing Scalable Growth

A great user digital experience leads to conversions. The best experience gets out of the way and just helps people get shit done.

Continuous Improvement

I embrace Kaizen- the Japanese process of continuous improvement. I believe in an iterative process of learning and improvement to website development- growth is never done, and good enough never is.

Transformational Leadership

Leading by example and empowering others to succeed- don't be an asshole! What does this have to do with website development? Really?